Metro ★ Navigator 2.9.7

Source:Dmitriy V. Lozenko

Metro maps of different cities around the world.

5★ stars rated navigator for metro of different cities around the world. All maps are interactive, relevant and attractive.
Complete list of cities see below at this description.

★★★ Features ★★★

✔ NEW: Schemes of stations for metro of Moscow;
✔ Search for closest metro station to location in the city. For example, you can learn where to exit from metro in Moscow to get to the Red Square. You can as well find closest station to Big Ben in London, to Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and much more;
✔ Trains timetables(L.A., Msk, Spb, Kiev, D.C., NY);
✔ Search for closest station using GPS;
✔ Prompt which metro car to take to exit to the city or change the line (NYC, Moscow, SPb, Kiev, London, Barcelona);
✔ Convenient search for stations and routes;
✔ Control with multitouch, trackball and volume buttons;
✔ Voice search – search for stations, build routes;
✔ Tourist's POI – cafés, night clubs, cinemas, shops and other places of interest nearby to metro stations;
✔ Selection of any objects by tapping the map;
✔ Airports, railway stations, planes, trains, and air-express buses timetables;
✔ Sending route via SMS, MMS, Email;
✔ Closed crosswalks;
✔ Favourite stations and routes;
✔ Buying tickets: air-express buses, planes, trains;
✔ Metro maps of many cities around the world in single app;

Additional features for metro which are covered by GSM networks:
✔ Current location on metro plan;
✔ Voice prompts while navigating;
✔ Start station is chosen automatically;
✔ Reminder to exit the train;
✔ Templates for routes: Automatic creation of route depending on current location, time of the day and day of the week;

Available metro schemes:

★ Russia ★
1. Moscow
2. Saint Petersburg
3. Ekaterinburg
4. Kazan
5. Nijniy Novgorod
6. Novosibirsk
7. Samara

★ Ukraine ★
1. Kiev
2. Kharkiv
3. Dnepropetrovsk

★ Belarus ★
1. Minsk

★ USA ★
1. New York
2. Washington
3. Los Angeles

★ United Kingdom ★
1. London tube
2. London tube + National Rail in Z1-6

★ Spain ★
1. Madrid
2. Barcelona
3. Valencia

★ Canada ★
1. Toronto

Metro schemes IN DEVELOPMENT:

★ France ★
1. Paris

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